Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Magazine3 Theme: NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme

Magazine3 has released a new updated version of their NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme with addition of new features and few bug fix. The theme has got 12 new features like support for mobile and tablet devices, reCAPTCHA integration in contact form, more advertisement space, tab widgets added, floating social sharebox and many more.
NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme

List Of New Features In NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme :

  • Smartphone and tablet device support
  • Integrated with Joost de Valk’s ‘WordPress SEO’ by default for better SEO
  • reCAPTCHA integrated with Contact form
  • More advertisement blocks
  • Tab widget
  • Floating social Sharebox
  • Updated script of TimThumb
  • Facebook automatically gets first image from the article.
  • Google +1 share counter button in article
  • Integrated Branded Login area
  • Category name appear twice on Block #1
  • H1 for better SEO
  • List Of Bug Fix In NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme :
  • Bug Fixed: Featured Slider #2
  • Bug Fixed: Browser compatibility issue with Share this.
  • Bug Fixed: Ad#5 hides when Author box is off
  • Bug Fixed: Navigation overlaps with content
  • Bug Fixed: HomeTab moving very often
  • Bug Fixed: Blank space appear when turning off one of the navigation menu
  • Bug Fixed: First letter of Post title automatically becomes capital

Check out standard features of NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme
NewspaperTimes WordPress Theme Price :
For Single Use : $49
For Single Pro Use : $59
For Single Pro + PSD : $69
For Multiple Use : $99
For Multiple Pro Use : $129
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  1. This is a nice theme, I would like to buy it for my blog. What is the latest version, which version you are talking about, when last version release?


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